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A Intrusa

A Intrusa

Also known as: La intrusa

Year: 1979

Genres: Drama

Countries: Brazil

Rating: 7.1

Cast: José de Abreu; Arlindo Barreto; Maria Zilda Bethlem; Palmira Barbosa; Fernando de Almeida; Ricardo Marnick; Mauricio Loyola; Heloísa Gadel; Nelson Pinto Bastos; Hermes Lago; Júlio César; Jorge Bastos; Cláudio Piegas; Ramon Larré; Jose Barbosa

Storyline: The film follows the parallel lives of two brothers of Danish ancestry in the “Pampas” of the Brazilian-Argentine-Uruguayan rural area. The rough life these “gauchos” (South American cowboys) lead means they must share all aspects of their lives. Suddenly, enter “A Intrusa” (the Intruder). How is this new element in their lives to be shared?

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