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Après coup

Après coup

Also known as: Afterwards

Year: 2017

Genres: Drama

Countries: Canada

Rating: 8.3

Cast: Laurent Lucas; Laurence Dauphinais; Mohsen El Gharbi; Natacha Mitrani; Pascale Bussières; Florence Sirard; Richard Fréchette; Valérie Leclair; Véronique Desève; William Akis; Véronique Mitrani; Elliott Mitrani

Storyline: Marc has a harmonious family life with his wife and Marion their eight years old daughter. But his world collapses when a car in front of his house kills Aurélie, his daughter's best friend. Marc feels guilt after telling her to go home. If she had stayed longer she would still be alive. Marc is haunted by the gaze that Aurélie gave him before dying. This vivid image turns his life upside down. He develops post-traumatic stress disorder. His cherished world starts to fall apart. He refuses to take care of himself. The lingering burdens disrupts his daily life. He initially refuses treatment, but his wife urges him to follow a psychotherapy, which will shake him to the core.

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