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Also known as: Szívritmuszavarok; Arytmia; Aritmija; Аритмия; Arrhythmia; Arrhythmia

Year: 2017

Genres: Drama

Countries: Russia,Finland,Germany

Rating: 7.7

Cast: Galina Averyanova; Irina Gorbacheva; Polina Ilyukhina; Vladimir Kapustin; Anna Kotova; Ivan Kudashov; Maksim Lagashkin; Evgeniy Muravin; Sergey Nasedkin; Tatyana Rasskazova; Aleksandr Samoylenko; Nikolay Shrayber; Albina Tikhanova; Sergey Udovik; Anna Ukolova

Storyline: Oleg is a young gifted paramedic. His wife Katya works at the hospital emergency department. She loves Oleg, but is fed up with him caring more about patients than her. She tells him she wants a divorce. The new head of Oleg's EMA substation is a cold-hearted manager who's got new strict rules to implement. Oleg couldn't care less about the rules – he's got lives to save. His attitude gets him in trouble with the new boss. The crisis at work coincides with the personal life crisis. Caught between emergency calls, alcohol-fueled off-shifts, and search for a meaning in life, Oleg and Katya have to find the binding force that keeps them together.

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