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Year: 2017

Genres: Drama

Countries: Iran,Canada,Qatar

Rating: 7.4

Cast: Vahid Aghapoor; Parnian Akhtari; Sarah Alimoradi; Mona Ghiasi; Houman Hoursan; Mahour Jabbari; Bahar Noohian; Leili Rashidi; Shayesteh Sajadi

Storyline: Ava's life is dictated by rules. Coming of age in Iran, she faces pressure to conform to the expectations of her parents, her school, and her friends. When Ava learns that her parents were once flagrant rule breakers themselves, she begins to rebel against the very foundations of her society. AVA masterfully demonstrates how a culture of authority can force denial and detachment, particularly among young women during their formative yet vulnerable high school years.

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