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Also known as: Секс на куково лято; Não Vai Dar; Kazišuci; Der Sex Pakt; #SexPact; Szűzőrség; Seksui ne!; Straznicy cnoty; Os Empatas; Ne z mojo hcerko; Blockers; The Pact

Year: 2018

Genres: Comedy

Countries: USA

Rating: 5.9

Cast: Kathryn Newton; John Cena; Leslie Mann; Ike Barinholtz; Graham Phillips; Colton Dunn; Geraldine Viswanathan; Ramona Young; Miles Robbins; Sarayu Blue; Gideon Adlon; Jake Picking; Rhoda Griffis; Jimmy Bellinger; Noor Anna Maher

Storyline: Three parents try to stop their daughters from having sex on Prom night.

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