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Year: 2017

Genres: Comedy,Drama

Countries: Romania,France

Rating: 7.0

Cast: Serban Pavlu; Radu Iacoban; Victor Rebengiuc; Ana Ciontea; Gabriela Popescu; Ana Ularu; Dorian Boguta; Gavril Patru; Andreea Vasile; Adrian Titieni; Sergiu Costache; Claudiu Dumitru; Gheorghe Ifrim; Lucian Ifrim; Alina Berzunteanu

Storyline: A couple of weeks after his wife Ioana dies in a car crash, drunk and alone on the night he turns 42, Alexandru receives a visit. Sebastian, a shy, younger man, has been Ioana's lover for the past five months. Sebastian has an outrageous request: he wants Alexandru to help him overcome the despair caused by Ioana's death.

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