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Christmas Anti-fable

Christmas Anti-fable

Year: 2017

Genres: Drama,Sci-Fi

Countries: Greece

Rating: 8.1

Cast: Dimitris Imellos; Hao Huang; Sunny Ohilebo; Nikitas Tsakiroglou; Titika Sarigouli; Ikonomou Michalis; Glykeria Patramani; Petros Petrakis; Iosif Polyzoidis; Giorgos Alevizopoulos; Elladios Christodoulou; Nikon Hatzis; Irene Polichronaki; Kostas Vantzos

Storyline: Under the rain and into the soil a certain living species is perishing, endangering mankind. The top 3 scientists from Asia, Africa and Europe need to implement a groundbreaking procedure this Christmas – which one of them will be transformed into a worm for the salvation the world?

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