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Year: 2018

Genres: Biography,Drama

Countries: UK,USA,Hungary

Rating: 7.3

Cast: Keira Knightley; Dominic West; Eleanor Tomlinson; Fiona Shaw; Ray Panthaki; Arabella Weir; Aiysha Hart; Denise Gough; Robert Pugh; Karen Gagnon; Attila C. Arpa; Caroline Boulton; Shannon Tarbet; Rebecca Root; Masayoshi Haneda

Storyline: Set at the dawn of the modern age, Colette is the story of a woman who has been long denied her voice going to extraordinary lengths to reclaim it. Gabrielle Sidonie Colette, a young woman from a country village, marries a charismatic dominating Parisian, fourteen years her senior, known by the single name, 'Willy.' Through his auspices, she is introduced to bohemian Paris where her creative appetite is sparked. Ever quick to capitalize on talent, Willy convinces his wife to write novels – to be published under his name. The phenomenal success of her “Claudine” series makes Willy well known as a writer and 'Colette and Willy' the first modern celebrity couple. Over time, lack of recognition for her work frustrates Colette, and an affair with the gender-defying Marquise de Belbeuf inspires her to break free, but Willy is determined to maintain his hold over her, at any cost. The story of a marriage, Colette shows the lengths one woman must go to escape her husband's control and claim her voice as an artist.

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