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Damascus Time

Damascus Time

Also known as: Damascus Time

Year: 2018

Genres: Action,Drama,Thriller,War

Countries: Iran

Rating: 6.0

Cast: Babak Hamidian; Hadi Hejazifar; Pierre Dagher; Leith Mofti; Khaled Alseyyed; Ramy Atallah; Youssef El Zein; Samer Khalili; Joseph Saklameh; Muhammad Sha’ban; Ali Sokkar; Monzer Zeineddin

Storyline: The city of Palmyra in eastern Syria has fallen to ISIS and they have surrounded the airport in a nearby city where many of wounded people and also the last defenders of the airport await their emergency evacuation. A young pilot has to risk his life and reach the airport in order to help evacuate these people while they are under direct ISIS fire. A close confrontation with ISIS fighters determines their fate in a dramatic turn of events. Two Iranian pilots are in a special mission to save the people of a Syrian city who are surrounded by the terrorists. But they have to face many challenges before manage to accomplish their mission.

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