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Dark Games

Dark Games

Year: 2017

Genres: Thriller

Countries: USA

Rating: 6.4

Cast: Booboo Stewart; Heather Tocquigny; Martin Kove; Brian Thompson; Jeff Conaway; Danny Trejo; Joey Sylvester; Vikki Lizzi; Maegan Stewart; Jon-Paul Gates; Rick Basabilvazo; Jayne Entwistle; James Evans; David Light; Jay Luna

Storyline: When 13 year old troublemaker Jake Wincott stumbles upon an attempted rape while cutting through the woods, he barely escapes the clutches of psychotic Alex Rooker and unwittingly runs into ex homicide detective Dave Reinhart. Reinhart takes a special interest in Jake's story and believes that the young man in the woods is the same killer responsible for a series of unsolved murders. As Jake takes refuge in Reinhart's home with his feisty, but bitter daughter Cassie , Reinhart sets out to find the true identity of the one man he never caught and to, once and for all, face the demons of his past. Trouble ensues as Alex finds Reinhart's home and begins a series of “Dark Games” with Jake and Cassie, trapping them in the house and setting the stage for a final, lethal confrontation.

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