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De dag dat mijn huis viel

De dag dat mijn huis viel

Year: 2017

Genres: Comedy

Countries: Netherlands,Belgium

Rating: 9.3

Cast: Imani De Caestecker; Wim Opbrouck; Dahlia Pessemiers; Frieda Pittoors; Ann Tuts; Peter Van den Begin; Wim Willaert

Storyline: Three adult brothers, Hein, Pé and Roemer, live with their elderly mother Hillie. This eccentric family lives in an old, crooked house that is on the verge of taking its last breath before toppling over. Every year, it is pulled straight again by its four inhabitants. This procedure has worked for decades, until suddenly Mother takes off to the sunny South. The nestlings are left to deal with each other – and themselves. As the relationship between the brothers gets more distorted, the house starts leaning over faster as well.

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