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Dreamy Dud. He Resolves Not to Smoke

Dreamy Dud. He Resolves Not to Smoke

Year: 1915

Genres: Animation,Comedy,Short

Countries: USA

Votes: 64

Rating: 5.9

Cast: Carlson Wallace A.


Storyline: Dreamy Dud commands his dog Wag to do a few tricks. The charming canine happily performs them, plus a few mischievous ones of his own, including engaging Dud in a little dance and tying up the boy with his leash. Later, while Wag has a semi-friendly encounter with a cat, Dud spies an old gentleman smoking a pipe. The gentleman falls asleep and Dud steals the pipe. “Here’s where I make Pittsburgh look like a million dollars worth of sunshine!” he tells his dog. He smokes the pipe and his exhalations form the face of the old gentleman, then a beautiful woman, then the words, “You’re a bad boy.” Dud laughs at this, but then the smoke turns into a demon-like spirit who aims to fix him good. The spirit grabs Dud and lifts him high into the air. The distraught Wag is soon up to his neck in a flood of his own tears. Meanwhile, the spirit hooks Dud onto an unfriendly crescent moon. Dud cheers up the moon by telling him a joke, but the moon laughs so hard that he knocks off Dud, who falls back to earth.

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