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Duka Sedalam Cinta

Duka Sedalam Cinta

Year: 2017

Genres: Drama

Countries: Indonesia

Rating: 8.6

Cast: Hamas Syahid; Aquino Umar; Masaji Wijayanto; Izzah Ajrina; Kholidi Asadil Alam; Abdurrahim Arsyad; Salim A. Fillah; Wulan Guritno; Epy Kusnandar; Asma Nadia

Storyline: Gagah (Hamas Syahid) a handsome and intelligent young man went to North Maluku for his thesis research. He had an accident and was helped by Yudi (Masaji Wijayanto) and his brother, Kyai Ghufron (Salim A. Fillah). When recovered, Yudi took Gagah to South Halmahera and learned about the local wisdom of the region from two unexpectedly unique figures. Upon returning from North Maluku, Gagah changed. Mama (Wulan Guritno) and Gita (Aquino Umar) the younger brother are difficult to accept the change. Gita is hostile to Gagah until he meets Nadia (Izzah Ajrina) who is beautiful and kind. Nadia brings a new nuance in the relationship Gita and Gagah. On the other hand, Gita who met accidentally several times on the bus with Yudi began to sympathize with the unusual path the young man took. Meanwhile, Silence Gagah has a big plan that will change everything. Until one day something happens, making Gagah, Gita, Yudi and Nadia meet in the fabric of destiny that leads them to grief as deep as love.

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