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El peor comediante del mundo

El peor comediante del mundo

Also known as: The World’s Worst Comedian

Year: 2017

Genres: Comedy,Drama

Countries: Dominican Republic

Rating: 8.0

Cast: Phillip Rodríguez; Miguel Alcantara; Alina Vargas; Ovandy Camilo; Rafael Alduey; Ana Maria Arias; Ivan Camilo; Oscar Carrasquillo; Luis Cruciel; Yerlyn De La Cruz; Richard Douglas; Jacqueline Estrella; John Frías; Raúl Grisanty; Juan Luis Guerra

Storyline: Sometimes the comedy of life turns into a tormenting drama. Aurelio is a comedian who's paying in full the price of fame. His indiscipline and the way he managed his career have encouraged his exclusion from the stage. Now, locked in his house all day and with nothing to do, he's living the worst time of his life remembering his past glories. Martha, his woman, has left him, as did all those who were around in his good times. Sinking in depression, he has unsuccessfully tried suicide. With no work, no woman, no money and an uncertain future, he only has the company of his manager and best friend, Antonio, who finds him on the edge of despair. There, they seek the justification of their disgrace with a slight manifestation of hope and perseverance, leaving understood that not everything is lost, and despite the good-bye, there are always new opportunities to start over.

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