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From Where We’ve Fallen

From Where We've Fallen

Also known as: He ri jun zai lai

Year: 2017

Genres: Drama

Countries: China

Rating: 6.0

Cast: Yue Guo; Zhongwei Jiang; Xun Zhang

Storyline: It's past midnight. Zhao goes down to smoke, leaving his drunken wife to murmur her erotic dream upstairs. Neighbour Lee jumps off the building in front of Zhao, and his suicide reveals a sex video taken by phone. Sanqing falls in love with her tutor. She wants to strengthen her relationship with Professor Sun on a seaside trip, but finally realises her efforts are in vain. Hai Long is an old acquaintance of Sun. He tries to bring Sanqing and his client Wang together, giving Sanqing the opportunity to take revenge In the dark tunnel on the island, Wang tells Sanqing a nightmare that reveals the whole story.

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