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Ghostroads: A Japanese Rock N Roll Ghost Story

Ghostroads: A Japanese Rock N Roll Ghost Story

Also known as: Ghostroads – A Japanese Rock N Roll Ghost Story

Year: 2017

Genres: Comedy,Horror,Music

Countries: Japan

Rating: 7.5

Cast: Makoto Arikida; Rodney Bingenheimer; Kansas Bowling; Ura Dai; Darrell Harris; Tomomi Hiraiwa; Tosa Kazuya; Shinichiro Kodo; Hiroshi Matsumoto; Koji Morihara; Naoki Murakami; Takumi Nakamura; Tatsuji Nobuhara; Ryô Ohkubo; Miwako Osamura

Storyline: It's a Hard Day's Night in Japan with a Faustian Twist. The Screamin' Telstars are a Japanese retro rock band that are fronted by Tony as lead vocalist & lead guitar. They have been struggling and playing with each other for years but have never met with any real commercial success. One day, Tony's amp burns up and he goes to buy a new one at a guitar shop with a curious owner. Tony winds up with an amp that has a history behind it. From the amp, comes a ghost who promises Tony fame and immortality in return for a favor; namely getting rid of his band – forever. The ghost also promises Tony fame greater than his old rival from his student days, rock god Shinzo. Tony gets everything he ever dreamed of… But not exactly the way he planned… A struggling musician finds a haunted amp with a ghost who promises fame.

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