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Going for Golden Eye

Going for Golden Eye

Year: 2017

Genres: Comedy

Countries: UK

Rating: 9.6

Cast: Vincent James Blackwell; Bill Blackwood; Daniel Bruce; David Burnip; Terence J Corbett; James Daltry; Robert Fentem; Andrew Green; Steven Hooper; Simon Jennings; Georgia Padfield; Hannah Potts; Melvyn Rawlinson; Chloe Wade

Storyline: A documentary following a small group of elite players as they prepare for the world championships of the N64 game GoldenEye in a world which has forgotten all about the classic game. Ethan the 19 time reigning, defending champion, the undefeated icon of the GoldenEye scene is gunning for his 20th consecutive title. Ben Beagle a first time competitor with a point to prove, has his sights set on a upset as he takes on his hero Ethan. The world may have moved on from the classic Nintendo 64 game but to these players, this is the world cup and super bowl of gaming.

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