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Green Butterflies

Green Butterflies

Also known as: Green Butterflies

Year: 2017

Genres: Drama

Countries: Colombia

Rating: 7.0

Cast: Brisa Botero; Julio Bracho; Kevin Bury; Diana Caicedo; Linda Lucía Callejas; Andres Cardona; Maria Helena Doering; Deivi Duarte; Juan Pablo Gamboa; Edinson Gil; Consuelo Luzardo; Victoria Ortiz; Angelica Prieto; Juliana Rendon; Ana Soler

Storyline: Mateo is an intelligent boy who studies in a high school, and his life gives a scramble when he meets Daniel, a boy with preferences to the men, by which falls in love with Mateo, but when its companions, and the director Reveal Mateo relationship with Daniel, Mateo is suspended, and finds himself at a crossroads, deciding between fighting his adversities or giving up everything, until his life.

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