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Guess Again

Guess Again

Also known as: Guess Tw(h)o; Guess 2: Electric Boogaloo

Year: 2017

Genres: Action,Comedy,Crime,Mystery

Countries: USA

Rating: 8.5

Cast: Devin Weinberg; Connor Lemcke; Claude Gassant; Eman Rahman; Ollivier Gassant; Maximilian Rabil; Keith G. Feit; Asia McClave; Brian Nudelman; Yaz Alfano; Gaby Rose; Loren Barcenas; Jada; A.J. Woof

Storyline: After having retrieved the necklace for the mysterious Duchess and witnessing the death of Alphonse, Private investigator Carolus Guess broods through life unable to overcome the demons of his past. Struggling to come to terms with the complexities that haunt his psyche, Guess must block out the cacophony of his own pseudo-tragedy in order to commit to the greater good of justice. A former colleague, Blaine, calls upon Guess to help solve a case that he says cannot be a solved. A girl is missing, and he believes a new drug that's been pervading the status quo of these streets may be involved. His only lead: an ape mask.

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