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Also known as: Uruguay

Year: 2017

Genres: Drama

Countries: Romania

Rating: 8.0

Cast: Dragos Bucur; Cristina Flutur; Andi Vasluianu; Constantin Cojocaru; Rodica Lazar; Gigi Ifrim; Catalin Catoiu; Dragos Sora; Nora Cupcencu; Christopher Landry; Codrina Patru

Storyline: A drama set in Romania during the Communist era when a family is noticed that they had inherited a valuable land in Hawaii , but in that time just keeping one american dollar bill or having true coffee beans from outside the country was considered a fraud. Hawaii is a story on the struggle of inheriting $3 million in communist-era Romania when owning $1 could mean losing your freedom and touches on the theme of how money could buy if not happiness, at least the freedom to choose unhappiness.

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