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Impossible Horror

Impossible Horror

Year: 2017

Genres: Horror

Countries: Canada

Rating: 6.4

Cast: Ian Afif; Heather Aitken; Sophie Andrade; Elise Bailey; Duncan Bruce; Justin Decloux; Nora Duffy; Brandon Espana; April Etmanski; Dianne Etmanski; Celeste Gibson; Josh Haber; Peter Kuplowsky; Li Li; Rufio Luey

Storyline: Lily (Haley Walker), an insomniac filmmaker who is facing a crippling creative block, begins to hear a sinister scream outside her window every night. Convinced that she must find a way to help the person that is screaming, Lily heads into the darkness of her neighborhood and meets Hannah (Creedance Wright), a veteran scream hunter, obsessed with putting a stop to the nightly occurrence. The women join forces to solve the bloodcurdling mystery and quickly discover that its true source may be an otherworldly threat that is driving its victims into madness – and Lily and Hannah are next.

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