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Ingen tid för kärlek

Ingen tid för kärlek

Year: 2017

Genres: Biography

Countries: Sweden

Rating: 6.9

Cast: Lillemor Dahlqvist; Mattias Ehn; Ingmar Norlén; Bo Sjökvist

Storyline: Johnny Bode (1912-1983) was very successful in Sweden and Europe. Yet he is today almost completely forgotten. Why? His life was so overwhelming, glamorous, fast and bizarre. So un-Swedish. This film puts Johnny Bode's life story in a sociological perspective and presents a vivid image of the odd person behind the many headlines. He became fascinated by the nazism. Was arrested by the Gestapo and detained at Grini concentration camp in Norway. For five weeks. After the war he moved to East Berlin and proclaimed himself a dear friend of the GDR. Later he was deported and returned to Sweden. A time of fencing and small crimes followed. Escaped to Brussels at first and later Vienna. He was, as Juan Delgada, hired by the Vienna Opera to create new operettas. And was very successful. Johnny Bode died exhausted alone and abandoned in Malmö during the summer of 1983.

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