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Insya Allah Sah

Insya Allah Sah

Year: 2017

Genres: Comedy

Countries: Indonesia

Rating: 5.1

Cast: Pandji Pragiwaksono; Titi Kamal; Richard Kyle; Donita; Tanta Ginting; Budi Arab; Budi Dalton; Ardit Erwandha; Gary M. Iskak; Lydia Kandou; Alexa Key; Prilly Latuconsina; Deddy Mizwar; Joe Project P.; Reza Rahadian

Storyline: When he came to Dion's office, his fiancée, Silvi, a beautiful but unreligious girl was caught in an elevator with Raka, a religious, innocent and strange young man who worked for Dion. Fearing that this would be the end of his life, Silvi vowed, if survived, he would change his life, become a Muslim woman who is obedient to God's command. It turned out that, for a second after he said that, the elevator door suddenly opened. Since then Silvi always overshadowed Raka who always reminds Silvi promise in the elevator. And after a few unfortunate attacks on Silvi, it was Raka who finally helped him until Silvi found his resolve. But not necessarily Dion agrees with Silvi's vow.

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