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Invisible World

Invisible World

Year: 2017

Genres: Action

Countries: USA

Rating: 9.3

Cast: Hans Holsen; Joann Schinderle; Joann ‘Toastann’ Schinderle; Levin O’Connor; Matt Sorrell; James Kirkland; Alex Berg; Amy Miller; Yumihiro Brestrup; Ashley Davis-Marshall; Jeff Fang; Chen Liang; Evelyn Loomis; Jonathan Michael Mora; Frederick Scrase

Storyline: Michael Lookman is an average 18 year-old who lives in a world that's just like ours, but invisible. Michael has just been dumped by his girlfriend. Angry and upset he goes into a video game arcade and sticks a quarter in a random game. A glitch in the game causes its contents to spill out into our world – a real army of aliens intent on vaporizing everyone on Earth. Michael feels guilty, and with the help of his friends and new acquaintances, he sets about attempting to return the aliens back into the machine they came from. Despite many different attempts at beating them, the aliens seem impossible to outwit. Eventually the gang discovers a weakness in the aliens, and Michael strikes a deal with them in an attempt to restore peace.

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