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Year: 2017

Genres: Horror,Thriller

Countries: Norway

Rating: 8.0

Cast: Hanna Victoria Steen Davidescu; Tobias Nikolai Haugland; Sandra Lima Fjermestad; Tine Walde; Sven Skjæveland; Erlend S. Kaada; Vegar Hoel; Kjersti Østin Ommundsen; Ørjan Tobias Pedersen

Storyline: After a night in the city, Mathilde wakes up on a deserted island the next morning without knowing how she got there. Here she meets several other youngsters who are in the same situation. Nobody knows why they are there or how to get away. As if it were not enough to be left on a deserted island without food or warm clothes, they eventually find out that there is a killer loose on the island.

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