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Julien Donkey-Boy

Julien Donkey-Boy

Also known as: Julien, el tonto; Julien Donkey-Boy; Julien Donkey-Boy; Julien Donkey-Boy; Осленок Джулиэн; Dogme # 6 – Julien Donkey-Boy

Year: 1999

Genres: Comedy,Drama

Countries: USA

Rating: 6.7

Cast: Ewen Bremner; Brian Fisk; Chloë Sevigny; Werner Herzog; Joyce Korine; Evan Neumann; Miriam Martínez; Edgar Erikkson; James Moix; Victor Varnado; Oliver A. Bueno; Roger Harris; Josseph Padilla; Olivia Pérez; Freddie Perez

Storyline: “O, mio babbino caro” plays as a woman skates gracefully. In contrast, little is graceful and daddy is not dear in Julien’s world. His father listens to blues wearing a gas mask; dad prods, lectures, and derides Julien as well as Julien’s brother and pregnant sister, while grandma attends to her dog. Julien is different, schizophrenic. He wears gold teeth. He bowls, sings, worships, and chats with a group of young adults with disabilities. His sister’s child is probably his own. He talks on the phone, imagining it’s his mother, who died in childbirth years before. He may be a murderer of children. From his point of view (perhaps), the film follows this odd family for a few weeks.

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