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Lazer Team 2

Lazer Team 2

Year: 2018

Genres: Sci-Fi

Countries: USA

Rating: 6.2

Cast: Burnie Burns; Gavin Free; Michael Jones; Colton Dunn; Nichole Bloom; Victoria Pratt; Gus Sorola; Alexandria DeBerry; Ashley Jenkins; Kirk C. Johnson; Joel Heyman; Barbara Dunkelman; A. Smith Harrison; Judy Branning; Robert Steven Brown

Storyline: A few years after Lazer Team has saved the planet from Aliens, Woodrow “Woody” Johnson was kidnapped, and is now lost somewhere in the Galaxy. A girl by the name of Maggie has received an encrypted alien file that leads into Woody's kidnapping, And now Lazer Team must try and find him. After one of their own is lost in another dimension, the Lazer Team groups together once again to fight against a new threat.

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