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Lilly the Little Fish

Lilly the Little Fish

Also known as: Лили рибката

Year: 2017

Genres: Family

Countries: Bulgaria

Rating: 6.1

Cast: Krasimira Demirova; Dobrin Dosev; Elena Kabasakalova; Tatyana Lolova; Luizabel Nikolova; Stoyan Radev; Krasimir Rankov; Linda Russeva; Kalin Sarmenov

Storyline: A fairy tale film about the metamorphoses of a child, reacting to each glance with a magic whirlwind, which changes its gender – from a boy it becomes a girl and vice versa. While looking for a solution, the family of this peculiar child meets a family of gypsy-sorcerers. Their abilities are concentrated in their daughter Lily. She makes an extraordinary sacrifice in the name of love.

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