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Mr. Freedom

Mr. Freedom

Year: 1969

Genres: Comedy

Countries: France

Votes: 307

Rating: 6.5

Cast: Abbey John; Augier Albert; Baillot Pierre; Bideau Jean-Luc; Billerey Raoul; Bouillaud Jean-Claude; Cohn-Bendit Daniel; Creton Michel; d’Avout Guy; Drake Colin; Dray Albert; Drouot Jean-Claude; Frey Sami; Gainsbourg Serge; Gassouk Marcel; Lefebvre Yves; Montand Yves; Noiret Philippe; Pillsbury Henry; Pleasence Donald; Quester Hugues; Rufus; Wasberg Eric; Astie Odile; Chaumette Monique; Loubet Michиle; Maiden Rita; Rouvel Catherine; Seyrig Delphine; Signoret Simone; Sun Sabine; Belfond Guy; Thivat Christian; Zemer Michel; Klein William; Lhomme Pierre; Colombier Michel; Klein Janine; Cotret Anne-Marie


Storyline: Mr. Freedom, a pro-America superhero who fights for God and country by beating, robbing, raping and killing anyone who looks like they might disagree with him. When he hears that France is in danger of falling to the Commies, Mr. Freedom heads overseas to set things right. When the welcome he receives isn’t quite as warm as he expected, he gives up hope of steering the French away from the Reds and decides to salvage what he can by destroying the entire country.

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