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One Small Indiscretion

One Small Indiscretion

Also known as: Fatal Mistakes

Year: 2017

Genres: Thriller

Countries: Canada,USA

Rating: 5.6

Cast: Ashley Scott; Tiera Skovbye; Cru Ennis; Johnny Visotcky; Sienna-Noelle; Alma Sisneros; Willie Aames; Lora Martinez-Cunningham; Taylor Murphy; Josh Kim; Sarah Minnich; Kenneth Miller; Jade Kammerman; Violet Bailes; Lawrence Gilligan

Storyline: Years ago, heartbroken and officially separated from her husband, Caroline briefly turned to the arms of another man. It was only one small indiscretion – a brief affair, forgotten after she and her husband reunited. But beautiful Elle, daughter of Caroline's lover, hasn't forgotten. She rents a guesthouse from Caroline, her husband, and teenage son with one purpose: to destroy their lives the way Elle thinks Caroline destroyed hers.

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