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Also known as: Los Angeles Vice; Overkill; Overkill – Inferno der Angst

Year: 1987

Genres: Action,Crime,Thriller

Countries: USA

Rating: 3.4

Cast: Steve Rally; John Nishio; Laura Burkett; Allen Wisch; Antonio Caprio; Roy Summersett; Shiro Tomita; Chris Tashima; Bruce Yamane; William Ghent; Pylah Chan; Craig Watanabe; Tony Livingston; Diana Tanaka; Yong Bhang

Storyline: Violence, murder and terror become everyday occurrences in Little Tokyo. The tiny Japanese American community is taken over in an iron-fisted reign of terror by the infamous Yakuza organization. Yakuza mobsters extort money from the residents for the privilege of staying alive. One maverick detective and the brother of a dead Yakuza victim form their own counter death squad to fight the Yakuza. The detective and the surviving brother resort to every from of counter-terrorism, every weapon available, to stop the sinister Yakuza.

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