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Year: 2017

Genres: Drama

Countries: Slovenia

Rating: 7.7

Cast: Katarina Cas; Jurij Zrnec; Sebastian Cavazza; Sasa Pavlin Stosic; Jana Zupancic; Primoz Pirnat; Branko Sturbej; Petja Labovic; Tara Moretti; Tristan Bizjak Kralj

Storyline: Awakenings is a story about the magical (and not so magical) moments when we wake up. But at the same time the film is about the mental awakening of our protagonists. The story revolves around three couples, who have just began their relationship, are about to end it, or never really neither began nor finished it. Robert (40) has just divorced and moved to his own place. Soon his student and lover Jana (23) moves in with him, although not entirely by his will. Jana quickly establishes her own way at home and Robert finds himself in a situation he doesn't know how to control. An established photographer Marcel (39) finds out that his wife Ula (39) got her pictures screened at a very important festival. As usual, he performs one of his typical cynical/sarcastic tantrums – but Ula doesn't respond to his methods anymore. Slowly (and painfully) the power shift in this relationship is tearing them apart. Jonas (39) and Karmen (39) meet at Marcelo's exhibition after 20 years. Their high-school flames burn once again, so they find themselves in a hotel room. They spend the night talking and sharing their old feelings and resentments. Nevertheless, with the morning comes the moment of sobriety – Karmen returns to her family. In the last couple of scenes, our characters experience a whirlwind of emotions and situations that finally brings them all at the same place. But what is real and what is just a performance?

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