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Psycho In-Law

Psycho In-Law

Year: 2017

Genres: Thriller

Countries: USA

Rating: 6.6

Cast: Catherine Dyer; Katie Leclerc; Mike Faiola; Brooke Fontana; Pamela Mitchell; Jodi Adler; David Alen; Marcia Lynn Anthony; Charles Christopher; Scott Erickson; Tom Lind; Aubrey Manning; Paul Messinger; Corinne Nowicki; Angie Patterson

Storyline: It's been two years since Tina's husband-to-be, Brock, lost his first wife in a tragic accident. Tina's only obstacle is Joyce, Brock's former mother-in-law, who is determined to stop the marriage. Joyce's attempts to disrupt the happy couple escalate until Joyce commits one murder, and plans that Tina herself is next — even if it has to happen at Tina's wedding.

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