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Sexy Susan Knows How…!

Sexy Susan Knows How...!

Also known as: La tabernera, el capón y la trompeta; Sexy Susan Knows How…!; Zoires afrodites; Le piacevoli notti di Justine; The Hostess Also Likes to Blow the Horn

Year: 1970

Genres: Comedy

Countries: Austria,West Germany,Italy

Rating: 4.2

Cast: Teri Tordai; Harald Leipnitz; Glenn Saxson; Jacques Herlin; Paul Löwinger; Rudolf Schündler; Rudolf Prack; Ernst Waldbrunn; Andrea Rau; Poldo Bendandi; Rosalba Neri; Hannelore Auer; Elisabeth Felchner; Christine Fischer; Willy Millowitsch


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