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Tatted Souls

Tatted Souls

Year: 2017

Genres: Drama

Countries: USA

Rating: 8.3

Cast: Jairus Adams; Nancy Amos; Laura Ancira; Carl Bailey; Honey Banks; Jayvon Bradford; Yava Briscoe; Timothy Paul Brown; Bonnie Coral; Morgan Coral; Casey Cottam; Lauren Cox; Abdul Dadi; Isac Dadi; Momina Dadi

Storyline: The Story With this film, we hope to start a healing process by telling you a story about a small town preacher's daughter, named Sarah, in her first year of college in the big city to study to be a journalist. Her Professor asks the students to find a story to write about and be graded by the end of the semester. Sarah meets and writes about Kand'e and other exotic dancers in the LGBT community who are navigating their way through life, fighting past their childhood demons. Sarah who is fighting religion and acceptance is intrigued and she develops an intimate relationship with Kand'e'. Sarah falls in love and starts to questions her faith.

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