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Tenderness 2009


Year: 2009

Directors: John Polson

Genres: Crime,Drama,Thriller

Countries: USA

Votes: 2

Rating: 5.60

Cast: Lt. Cristofuoro: Russell Crowe; Eric Poole: Jon Foster; Lori: Sophie Traub; Aunt Teresa: Laura Dern; Maria: Alexis Dziena; Marsha: Arija Bareikis; Dan Komenko: Tim Hopper; Lisa Komenko: Vivienne Benesch; Facility Director (as Brian Russell): Brian Patrick Russell; Cafeteria Guard: Lou Sumrall; Jackie Cristofuoro: Tanya Clarke; Gary: Michael Kelly; Sam (as Lee Sellars): Lee R. Sellars; Ben: Matt Pepper; Another Guard: Saul Stein; Driver: Dan Fountain; Asian Cop: C.S. Lee; Highway Patrolman #2: Scott Robertson; Local Cop at Restaurant: Brian McCormack; Playland Cop: Randy Cherkas

Taglines: The intimacy of the kill.

Storyline: Three lives. Buffalo detective Lt. Cristofuoro, whose catatonic wife is in hospital, takes a special interest in Eric Komenko, a juvenile who killed his parents and will be freed on his 18th birthday. So has Lori Cranston, 15 or 16, her body fully developed and the object of lust by her boss and her mother’s new boyfriend. She keeps a scrapbook about Eric, and when he’s released from custody, she hides in the backseat of his car, insisting he take her with him on a trip toward Albany where he’s planning to meet a girl. Cristofuoro is certain Eric will kill again, so he follows. It’s clear early on that Cristofuoro’s probably right, but what’s Lori’s motivation? Written by <[email protected]>

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