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The End of the Chain

The End of the Chain

Also known as: The End of the Chain

Year: 2017

Genres: Drama

Countries: Estonia

Rating: 6.3

Cast: Maiken Schmidt; Hendrik Toompere Jr. Jr.; Tiit Lilleorg; Ott Aardam; Allan Aava; Henrik Kalmet; Margus Kobing; Piret Krumm; Ester Kuntu; Jörgen Liik; Sandra Mirka; Valentina Moskvina; Mattias Naan; Ilja Nartov; Tõnu Oja

Storyline: A secluded fast food joint next to an empty parking lot, where it's good to go, because nobody recognizes you there. On a rainy autumnal day, people show up one after the other – all of them on the verge of a breakdown – or perhaps a breakthrough? The main character, Waitress, sees and absorbs it all. One by one – through their personal drama – the clients push the Waitress towards her own edge.

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