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The Fearless One

The Fearless One

Year: 2017

Genres: Action

Countries: USA

Rating: 7.3

Cast: Alonzo Herran JR; Ekow Yankey; Marc John Jefferies; Khalil Kain; Jamal Woolard; Sticky Fingaz; Fredro Starr; Europe Harmon; Roxanne Kelly; Vince Edgehill; Prentiss Thompson; R. Marcos Taylor; Stan J. Adams; Dennis Atkins; Michele Baldwin

Storyline: Cody, a retired number one contender, is a straight laced working guy that doesn't look for trouble – but trouble seems to look for him. Cody has been focused on rebuilding his life after a tragic blow and is trying to stay focused on the present while trying to leave all his misfortune behind him. When unresolved issues come back to haunt him, Cody is faced with the decision of his life. Either avoid his past or come face to face with it. It's the ultimate decision to either pick up and leave again or prepare for his future ahead.

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