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The Man Who Invented Christmas

The Man Who Invented Christmas

Also known as: O Homem Que Inventou o Natal; L’Homme qui inventa Noël; Dickens: L’uomo che inventò il Natale; O Homem Que Inventou o Natal; Человек, который изобрёл Рождество; Nguoi Phat Minh Ra Giang Sinh

Year: 2017

Genres: Biography,Comedy,Drama

Countries: Ireland,Canada

Rating: 7.0

Cast: Dan Stevens; Mark Schrier; Patrick Joseph Byrnes; Miriam Margolyes; Morfydd Clark; Justin Edwards; Cosimo Fusco; Jasper Hughes Cotter; James Heffernan; Aleah Lennon; Ella Mai Delaney; Donna Marie Sludds; David McSavage; Ian McNeice; Miles Jupp

Storyline: In 1843, the celebrated British novelist, Charles Dickens, is at a low point in his career with three flops behind him and his family expenses piling up at home. Determined to recover, Dickens decides to write a Christmas story and self-publish it in less than two months. As Dickens labors writing on such short notice, his estranged father and mother come to bunk with him. Still haunted by painful memories of his father ruining his childhood by his financial irresponsibly, Dickens develops a writer's block which seems to have no solution. As such, Dickens must face his personal demons epitomized through his characters, especially in his imagined conversations with Ebenezer Scrooge. Now with a looming deadline, Dickens struggles for inspiration against his frustrations and his characters' opinions in a literary challenge creating a classic tale that would define the essential soul of modern Christmas. The journey that led to Charles Dickens' creation of “A Christmas Carol,” a timeless tale that would redefine Christmas.

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