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The Third Woman

The Third Woman

Also known as: The Third Woman

Year: 1997

Genres: Mystery,Thriller,War

Countries: Croatia

Rating: 7.5

Cast: Ena Begovic; Vedran Mlikota; Filip Sovagovic; Alma Prica; Vlatko Dulic; Gordana Gadzic; Vera Zima; Bozidarka Frajt; Fabijan Sovagovic; Zoran Pokupec; Mladen Crnobrnja; Ljubo Kapor; Emil Glad; Jadranka Matkovic; Mia Oremovic

Storyline: In the Autumn of 1991 Croatia is fighting for independence and the capital Zagreb is plagued by air raid alerts and blackouts. Hela Martinic is a reporter, who returns to her home town from Australia, called by her old friend Vera Kralj. Soon after arrival, she is told her friend was killed in a traffic accident. At the funeral she meets some people who Vera was involved in some sinister activities and she begins her own investigation.

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