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Tis kakomoiras

Tis kakomoiras

Also known as: O bakalogatos; Της κακομοίρας

Year: 1963

Genres: Comedy

Countries: Greece

Rating: 8.8

Cast: Costas Hajihristos; Nikos Rizos; Kostas Doukas; Marika Nezer; Nikos Fermas; Dina Trianti; Thanasis Mylonas; Nelly Pappa; Yiorgos Olimbios; Giorgos Velentzas; Kostas Mendis; V. Kormou; Ivonni Vladimirou; Hristos Vamvakas

Storyline: This classic Greek comedy revolves around the constant fights between Zikos who works as a clerk at a small grocer’s shop and the shop’s owner. Zikos just can’t keep his mouth shut every time his boss behaves as being an aristocrat. Things go even worse when Zikos finds out that his boss, by taking advantage of his wealth and with the help of the local match-maker, is planning to marry a young poor girl living in the same neighborhood.

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