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Touch Me Not

Touch Me Not

Also known as: Не ме докосвай; Nu ma atinge-ma

Year: 2018

Genres: Drama

Countries: Romania,Germany,Czech Republic,Bulgaria,France

Rating: 6.4

Cast: Laura Benson; Tómas Lemarquis; Christian Bayerlein; Grit Uhlemann; Adina Pintilie; Hanna Hofmann; Seani Love; Hermann Mueller; Irmena Chichikova; FDAEJI; Rainer Steffen; Georgi Naldzhiev; Dirk Lange; Annett Sawallisch; Jette Blümler

Storyline: Laura cannot bear to be touched and recoils whenever anyone catches hold of her or takes her hand. She goes to see a therapist, and orders a male prostitute, but her body is still like an armour. In a loose succession of scenes, we follow other people in search of intimacy. Christian, who has to live with many physical impairments, talks candidly about what turns him on, what turns him off and his love life with his long-standing girlfriend. The couple participate in a workshop on body awareness attended by people of all ages, with and without disabilities, such as Tudor. His bald head makes him seem strangely vulnerable and he has yet to discover and accept the manifold forms of his desire. The cool images and laboratory-like atmosphere of this film help the viewer to jettison their own preconceived opinions and ideas of intimacy, as it takes us on an emotional expedition to illuminate the many different facets of sexuality beyond all taboos. Each scene develops its own sense of truthfulness, regardless of whether the situations have been staged or present documentary footage. Laura, a traumatized Englishwoman in her 50s, who is afraid of intimacy, explores her sexuality with the help of therapists and unusual individuals – all as part of a research project conducted by filmmaker Adina.

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