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Tu Bold Mee Cold

Tu Bold Mee Cold

Year: 2016

Genres: Romance

Countries: India

Rating: 9.3

Cast: Anup Belwalkar; Pooja Bhatjire; Seva More; Shilpa Pathak; Siddharth Shah

Storyline: Can old-fashioned love survive against 21st century's casual individuals for whom commitment is nothing more than just another word? The term 'character' is generally associated with women which is completely wrong and should actually be applicable for both genders. 'TU BOLD MEE COLD' is a multi-layered romantic extravaganza with a difference. 'Love depends on response' is what the film is all about and even in reality, we would all identify with and associate ourselves with this particular statement, at some level or the other. One might fall in love but then, if it is not reciprocated, then what would you do? The five major characters in the film are all modern characters in a completely modern film but completely different from each other. Some of them prefer to retain their innocence while some are governed by practicality.The manner in which these characters interact with each other, is something completely refreshing to watch, because true love is pitted against so-called 'practicality'. Will traditional love emerge victorious or will 'practical' individuals prevail over good, old-fashioned love?

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