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Uttara: El mite

Uttara: El mite

Year: 2017

Genres: Horror

Countries: Spain

Rating: 8.6

Cast: Rinuha Dentler; Natalia Guirado; Abel Güibas; Joan Llobera; Laia Martínez; Albert Muns; David Muns; Sandra Muns; Àlex Ortega; Mariluz Rodríguez; Raquel Rodríguez; Laia Solà; Martí Sureda; Diego Sánchez

Storyline: Esteve and Joana are two journalism students who are starting an investigation of a strange event a year ago. As they advance in the investigation, rare occurrences are happening until they enter an unknown and dark world, where they will not have it easy to survive.

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