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Web Cam Girls

Web Cam Girls

Also known as: Lost Girls

Year: 2017

Genres: Drama

Countries: USA

Rating: 5.3

Cast: Arianne Zucker; Sedona Legge; Stephen Graybill; Lorynn York; Jon Briddell; Liam McKanna; Joe Hackett; Tonya Kay; Elimu Nelson; Maxine Bahns; Taylor Snook; Barbara King; Rolonda Watts; John Dinan; Lauren Sivan

Storyline: When Alex Hiles' hot mess cousin Carolyn vanishes, Alex suspects the worst…Carolyn has been “camming” lately, and Alex suspects she broke the rules and met one of her clients…No one believes her and it's now up to Alex to track and face the predator that kidnaps Cam Girls.

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