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Year: 2017

Genres: Drama,Mystery


Rating: 8.6

Cast: Shelby Davis; Mads Hoofnagle; Abigail Van Patten; Skyler Ferguson; Jason William Lankford; Wade Thalberg; Albie Nicol; Scott Schuster; Mia Stark; Kylie Jean; Olly Manning; Jacob Miller; Finch Moore; Jessica Sund; Angelle Waltz

Storyline: Maxine Caulfield is a high school senior, studying photography at Blackwell Academy, a prestigious private high school. Max's life is about to change, however, when she discovers that she has the incredible ability to “rewind” time. Now she and her childhood best friend, Chloe Price, must embark on a harrowing adventure to find a missing girl, and prevent a looming and terrible fate for the town of Arcadia Bay. Adapted and directed by Carrsan T. Morrissey, “WHAT IF?” brings to life the world of Arcadia Bay, based on the award-winning 2015 video game “Life Is Strange”. When Max Caulfield (Shelby Davis) reconnects with her childhood best friend, Chloe Price (Mads Hoofnagle), a chain of events are set into motion. Together, they must use Max's new-found ability to rewind time in order to solve the mystery of a missing girl. However, shadows of the past and frightening secrets may just change their lives, and the lives of all the residents of Arcadia Bay, forever.

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