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Year: 2017

Genres: Crime

Countries: USA

Rating: 9.7

Cast: Bobby Whorton; Kenneth Gwynn; Cherrie Garden; Carl Brown; Victor Rivera; Kashirah Monroe; Derek Russo; Jackson Rouse; Jamie ‘Immaculate’ Merkison; Shaun Camp; Andrew Kaplan; Corey Oates; Moshua Loriel; Darryel ‘Original Whitefolks’ Woodson; Cash Adcox

Storyline: Two Con Artist from the Southside of Chicago decide to play the rocks con on an unsuspecting jewelry store owner named Simon Balagula. Upon finding out that the South African Red diamonds are fake, Simon has a severe heart attack. As fate would have it Balagula turns out to be the uncle of Russian Mafia Captain named Vor the Brigadier. Fearing the 14 day murder contract on their head the con-artist make an escape to Atlanta hoping to hide out. But when Vor sends the sexually sadistic contract killer Butcherknife Brown down south to serve out the hit, their con-skills truly get put to the test in a deadly rush to pay 2 million dollars in restitution.

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