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Witchboard 2

Witchboard 2

Also known as: Witchboard 2: The Devil’s Doorway; Witchboard 2 – Die Tür zur Hölle; Noiduttu ympyrä 2 – paholaisen portti; Witchboard 2: la planche aux maléfices; Witchboard: The Return; Démoni játék: Az ördög kapujában; Spiritika 2 – Il gioco del Diavolo; Satan’s Dreams; Poderes Ocultos; Witchboard 2 – Djävulen röst; Witchboard 2

Year: 1993

Genres: Horror,Mystery

Countries: USA

Rating: 5.0

Cast: Ami Dolenz; Christopher Michael Moore; Laraine Newman; Timothy Gibbs; John Gatins; Julie Michaels; Sarah Kaite Coughlan; Marvin Kaplan; Jeff Feringa; Foster; Todd Allen; Kenny Rhodes; Patrick Josten; Raemone Sequeira; Jarvohn Shivers

Storyline: A beautiful young woman starts receiving messages through a ouija board, claiming to be from the former occupant of her apartment. The former tenant claims she’s been murdered, but there’s no record of a murder or even her death.

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