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Xiaozhen’s Story

Xiaozhen's Story

Also known as: Faith-Hope-Love Xiaozhen’s Story; Musical Drama: Xiaozhen’s Story

Year: 2016

Genres: Musical

Countries: South Korea

Rating: 9.3

Cast: Shu Chang; Su Chang; Pei He; Chen Xi; Chen Xi; Jing Xin; Jin Xing; Jing Xing

Storyline: Xiao Zhen used to be a pure, kind-hearted Christian, who always treated her friends sincerely. However, when it was to their benefit, her former friends became her enemies. After suffering this tragedy, Xiao Zhen was forced to abandon her true heart and her formal principles. She began to betray her own good conscience and good spirit, and wallowed in the mire of the evil world – As she fell from grace and walked a path of depravity, she was trampled by the world and became riddled with scars and bruises. She had reached a dead end, and at her point of despair when she had given up all hope, Almighty God's sincere call finally awakened Xiao Zhen's heart and soul.

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